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Looking for a picture resizing, shrinking, plug-in or MOD

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  • Looking for a picture resizing, shrinking, plug-in or MOD

    I am looking for a way to allow my users to upload any picture and have the server resize the image to fit set dimensions. If you know of something let me know. I am getting complaints that users on phones can't upload pictures on the go as the site has an attachment limit.

    Also looking for a way to make attachments automatically insert at full size, vs making the user pic between different picture sizes.

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    Are you using vBulletin 5.1.1? This should occur automatically based on the sizes you have set for image attachments (AdminCP -> Attachments -> Attachment Manager) and the sizes created (AdminCP -> Settings -> Options -> Message Attachment Options).

    When a user inserts an image inline using the advanced editor toolbar, they can choose the size it is shown at. This does not work for photo gallery images inserted by clicking the Camera Icon.
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