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administrator rights partial working

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  • administrator rights partial working

    I have setup a second administrator (user number 2) but he can't edit posts like i can as administrator (user number 1)
    in the config file i set him also as administrator.

    Why can't this second administrator move, delete, merge and that can't of stuf. he is in the same usergroup as user 1.
    please need some advise on this one.

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    Go to Admin CP -> Usergroups -> Administrator Permissions, find the second Admin account, click Edit Permissions, and give him the permissions you want him to have.

    Seriously consider if he needs to be a Super Administrator, if he does not need it you should remove his userid from the config.php file. You should be very stingy with permissions in general- only give people the absolute minimum they need to do their jobs- that is a major part of keeping the overall site as safe as possible. Even if you trust someone, what if their account gets hacked because they use the same password on a different site- best to limit potential damage.


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      Well he is the site owner, and not me. I'm just from the technical staff


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