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Small "How To" - How to stop a user from posting images

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  • Small "How To" - How to stop a user from posting images

    I was asked if a user could be prevented from posting images in VB5- the answer really depends on what kind of images the user is posting. If they are using the "Camera" icon to post photo galleries or attaching images to posts (or other content) then yes these options can be disabled for the user. If however they are using the [IMG] bbcode to link to off-site images your options are more limited.

    This applies to both VB5 regular download version and vBCloud.

    To disable the images I mentioned above-

    1) Create a new Usergroup. To do this go to Admin CP -> Usergroups -> Add New Usergroup. Choose to make a Usergroup "Based off" of the Registered Users group (or whatever group the user is currently a member of.) Give the group a custom name like "No Pictures" and a description.

    2) Scroll down to the "Create Permissions" list. Change Can create Photo Gallery to No to remove the "camera" icon from the editor, they will not be able to upload photo albums.

    3) Scroll down to "Attachment Permissions" change Can upload attachments to No to stop uploading pictures (or any files) as attachments.

    4) Save changes

    5) Go to Admin CP -> Users -> Search for User and enter the user's username to bring up their settings page

    6) Change their usergroup from "Registered Users" to "No Pictures" or whatever the new group you created is called

    7) Save changes

    Now the user will not be able to create photo albums or upload attached images.

    They will still be able to link to offsite images however. At this point if they cannot follow your forum instructions you could consider banning them or using the new usergroup to restrict their access to post at all.

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