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admincp "New Forum" Options missing?

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  • admincp "New Forum" Options missing?

    UPDATE I am also receiving an "illegal string offset" error when I use the create new channel based on previous channel option (see 4th post screen shot)

    I have a reasonably fresh install of 5.1.1 (no community only a couple of admins and still setting up styles etc). I went to create a "Forum Link" by going to
    Admincp>Channel Management>New Forum
    And noticed that a majority of my New Forum Options are now missing? (Forum Link included). What happened?
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    PS when I posted this thread I got a Database error. It appears to be related to the screenshot I attached which is not showing up in the post above. I will make another attempt to post the screenshot next.


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      [ATTACH=CONFIG]n4070751[/ATTACH] screen shot attached


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        [ATTACH=CONFIG]n4071814[/ATTACH] UPDATE: I have observed that the Create new Channel (Forum) screen throws the error
        "Illegal String offset" when I use the "Create Channel Based on Channel {combobox} {GO}"

        We are on the verge of launching this forum, and I am awaiting feedback on this error before we choose to continue with this build or look at other options.

        What is a way to resolve this?
        Is this connected to the original issue where the forum options have vanished?


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          Are you running vBulletin on PHP 5.5?


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