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RSS Feeds Won't Work

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  • RSS Feeds Won't Work

    I can't get my RSS feeds to work. I've set the Admin CP -> Settings -> Options -> External Data Provider -> Enable RSS Syndication option to "yes" and saved multiple times, but no feed options are shown on the forum.

    I've also tried to manually construct an RSS url and it still yields nothing. Examples:

    Overall forum RSS Link:
    Specific forum RSS Link:

    Any insight as to why the RSS isn't working anywhere?

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    I noticed you have it working. What did you do? As I have the same issue.


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      You're on vBulletin 5. The URL you're trying to use in incorrect as there is no external.php file. An example URL on your site would be:

      You need to remove the .php from your URLS.

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        There is also a bug in web.config for IIS server. For me it works now and this is my solution:


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