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Shareaholic Social Button Code Placement - Which Template?

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  • Shareaholic Social Button Code Placement - Which Template?

    Hi all -

    I am aware that such questions should be asked at the forum but I don't seem to receive any response to my post there at

    Just asking whether any good folk here could assist me:

    Running 5.1.1 currently, and wanting to embed Shareaholic buttons in the location shown in the attachment.

    Question: Where should I plug my Shareaholic code to place the social toolbar in the location shown in the attached image?

    There are two pieces of code
    • A block of JavaScript that must be placed in <head> and;
    • a <div class='shareaholic-canvas' data-app='share_buttons' data-app-id='xxxxxxxx'></div> code, which I would like to place UNDER the topnav but ABOVE the announcement/page title modules on each of my vb5 pages.

    Not sure what template to modify, and where that second line of code should be placed within that template....

    Could anyone give me a heads-up please?

    Many thanks in advance!!!
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    Your best bet would be a custom html module positioned above the announcements.

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      Or a template hook maybe? Though I don't know if there's a hook location for that spot.

      Btw, the available hook locations in AdminCP should have an explanation or diagram of where on the page each hook is. It's hard to tell by the hook name where it is exactly on the page.

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