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Couple more bugs?/questions....

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  • RacingSnake
    From one of our users: ~~A problem I'm having is if I misspell a word and click the cursor mid word to correct, whatever I type appears at the end of the word, ie I cannot edit a word.
    One other thing I've noticed is on going to the last page, not all of it is there. Go back one page then forward and the missing post(s) is/are there. Perhaps applies to own posts only.

    And a similar complaint from a different member:
    ~~Just noticed today, if I click 'quote', and reduce the quotation to the relevant bit, then add my comment below, it will let me backtrack in my comment to put in another letter or spelling correction (as normal), but when I type the letter it goes in at the end of what I have written so far (not normal).
    To correct spelling, I have to remove my comment back to the spelling error, and then retype it all again.
    This does not happen if just replying as normal, without edited 'quote'. (I am on Windows 7 and Chrome browser)

    I can't replicate this problem, so not sure what might cause it?

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  • RacingSnake
    started a topic Couple more bugs?/questions....

    Couple more bugs?/questions....

    In addition to my how do I set the site to 100% width...
    I've noticed that the "Mark Forums Read" button only works when on the main forum view... so when I click new topics (for example), then 'mark forums read', it does nothing.

    Secondly, I've noticed my 'most users online' seems to be resetting?
    Yesterday it was 60, today it's 56 ?

    Any clues?

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