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  • Forum went blank.


    I was editing my forum and was trying to add a module and everything seems fine. But when I saved the settings, my forum went blank. Any Idea what happened? And also I think all my module got deleted when I save it. What are the default module set up when you first install vBulletin 5 connect? You can see my forum at

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    Well, no reply, I'll just re-install my good for nothing vBulletin 5. Thanks for the support.


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      Depending on what you added in your module, you might have broken the html, and thus broken the saving.

      Its pretty easy though to edit page, and add the right stuff back.


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        Sorry about the lack of reply. In the future, if you need prompt support, you should submit a ticket. A blank page usually indicates some sort of PHP error. Without knowing the installation of your site, we can't provide support. Please see the thread linked below for the information we need to help you fix issues:
        Translations provided by Google.

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          Thank you for the reply. I have re-installed it and not sure what happened. Thanks again.


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