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  • Create Blog Issue

    I have a limited Administrator who is unable to create her blog. She is getting an error stating that she doesn't have permissions, when in fact she does have the Create Blog permission. I have verified that I can create a blog with a basic user login.

    What can I do to help get a new blog created?

    Using vb5.1.0

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    I have since learned that most of the members are unable to create a new blog; however, those who had created their blog before I upgraded to 5.1 are able to post new threads.

    I verified the Channel permissions are set up correctly as well as verified every appropriate usergroup has Create Blog permissions; and still they are not successful.


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      I'd suggest you start a ticket so we can dig into this.


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        Did you find a solution to this? I'm having a similar problem after an upgrade from 4.2 to 5.1 (via 5.05). In my case, only my admin account can create a blog. All others get a permission error popup.
        Last edited by Sewie; Wed 28 May '14, 3:40pm. Reason: Clarifying issue.


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          I played around with the permissions until I found a solution. Make sure the UserGroup has the following enabled:
          • Can Create Blog
          • Can Create Channel

          Hope that helps to resolve your issue as well Sewie.


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