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topics auto delete upon posting

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  • topics auto delete upon posting

    trying to figure out this issue i just noticed....

    i have a forum section in an area only viewable by a certain usergroup

    if i try to post a topic in any channels in this group, they suddenly auto delete.....i have not had this problem before 5.1.0 and do not see any permission settings that would block this...

    the topic seems to post ok, but clicking back to forum/channel view it shows as deleted by "unknown"
    this seems most strange and this a known bug???

    any fix ideas???

    i apologize for not having a test site proper setup atm to verify this, but hoping for a solution all the same

    thank you

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    i just tried another restricted channel and was even worse, didnt post deleted topic at all.....just refreshes screen, i can see topic but no text


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      Could this be the bug here - ? If so, please put in a ticket and give us the bug number and we can send you a diff file to patch your site.

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        yes i think it is this one...

        thank you much for the support


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