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Problem with top-level forum page not updating

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  • Problem with top-level forum page not updating

    Our vBulletin install is nested under

    Sometimes, even after there are multiple new threads in one of the subforums on our site, the top-level /forums/ page doesn't update.

    It is not a browser caching issue. Shift-reload in a browser to force a reload causes the same (old) information to be shown -- i.e., a particular subforum is not shown as having new posts since the last time someone has read it, and the topics/posts counts and 'last post' information shown is out of date -- sometimes by over an hour in terms of new threads being posted but the information on that top page not being updated.

    AdminCP -- Settings -- Options -- Cookies and HTTP Header Options has "Add No-Cache HTTP Headers" set to "Yes".

    The only thing that solves the issue is to go to AdminCP -- Maintenance and to click on "Clear System Cache".

    What could cause this to happen, and is there a way to set up 'Clear System Cache' as a scheduled task so at least hourly this would get flushed?

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    P.S. if a support person is around for the next few minutes, I could PM you our site URL so you could see this happening for yourself. (If too much time passes though, I'm going to have to clear the system cache to resolve it for our users.)


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