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  • Private Forum permissions

    I have recently upgraded to vB 5.1.0 and it seems there's some problem with the channel permissions for the private forums.
    • The Super Moderators and Administrators are able to view all the contents of the private forums regardless of their custom usergroup.
    • The thread titles from the private forums show up in the who's online page for members who are not part of the custom usergroup.
    Please suggest possible solutions to resolve these issues asap. Thanks

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    How are these forums "private"?


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      We had created join-able usergroups and only the members of those usergroups were able to view those private sections. But after the upgrade to vB 5.1.0, the Super Moderators and Administrators are able to view the contents of these private sections. I checked their permissions and they had the permission for Always view forum set to Yes. I tried to change the permissions but it gives an error message.


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        If you were previously on vB3 or vB4 then this was probably "Access Masks".
        they don't exist in vB5 so you would have to do this via the channel permissions.

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          No, it wasn't from Access Masks, it was using Forum permissions. But now there are these new settings in Channel permissions which were not there in vB4:
          Can Always View Channel
          If enabled, the user will be able to view private and invite only channels
          Yes No
          Can Always Reply
          If enabled, the user will be able to reply in channels, regardless of being a member or not
          Yes No
          Can Always Post Topics
          If enabled, the user will be able to create topics in channels, regardless of being a member or not
          Yes No

          These permissions are set to Yes by default for the Super Moderators and Administrators. When I try to set them to No for the private sections, I get the following error:
          That action could not be completed. Please try again, and if this occurs again please contact the system administrator and tell them how you got this message.


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            I just tried to edit the channel permissions for another usergroup and got the same error message.


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              Tried clearing the system cache before making the changes and it worked.

              I have set the permission for "Can view channel" and "Can always view channel" to No but still I am able to see the section name in the forum home page and also the name the of the last posted thread. But when I click on the channel it shows the following error which is ok:
              Sorry, you are not authorized to view this page.
              Please try logging in or logging in as different user Login or send a message to the admin
              The problem now is that I shouldn't be able to see the thread titles from private forums, in forum home page as well as in who's online.

              Another problem is that Admins seem to have no effect for the settings of "Can view topic content". If the "Can view channel" is set to Yes, then Admins are able to see the topic contents regardless of the settings for "Can view topic content".
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