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  • hosler
    I want a faster forum
    by hosler
    I'm trying to trouble shoot some bottlenecks. I cannot tell if my server just isn't beefy enough or if VB5 is just naturally slow. At first I had apache+php+MySQL all running on one server. In an attempt...
    Thu 14th Jan '16, 1:34pm
  • CygnusFTK
    Soooooo Sloooooow!
    by CygnusFTK
    Why is vb5 so much slower than 4.2.1 or even the 3.x versions? I have some seriously disgruntled users and I don't know what to tell them. Even here... this site is considerably slower than it used to...
    Wed 21st Aug '13, 9:35am
  • kostas80
    Server load extremely high
    by kostas80

    After upgrading to vb5 connect my server load is extremely high and the forum has become unusable

    I have disable searching and set the datastore caching to file cache but...
    Fri 20th Mar '15, 1:47am