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Email generation on subcribe to forums

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  • Email generation on subcribe to forums

    Good afternoon,

    I had been running vbulletin in 5.0.X and experienced an issue with users not receiving emails when new topics are created despite being subscribed to the direct or top level forums. I read about an issue that was discovered and would be fixed in 5.1.0 so we waited. I have just applied 5.1.0 today expecting this to be resolved, but it is not. The issue of not receiving emails on replies seems to have been resolved with the release, but not with the top level subscribes.

    Is this something that is designed to be that way, or do we possibly have something mis-configured that someone could assist me with?

    Please let me know if more explanation is needed to further clarify this issue.


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    This is a known issue in 5.x, and should be addressed in 5.1.1.


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      Thanks very much for the information. Do you know of a time-frame for when 5.1.1 will be released or where I can go to find it myself? This issue may impact our implementation date since what we plan to do with moderation heavily depends on email subscriptions.


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        We don't have a release date for 5.1.1 at this time. It is currently in development.
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