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  • McLarenDan
    started a topic vBulletin 5.1 Article Issues

    vBulletin 5.1 Article Issues

    I have found a few errors, I posted the following on my forum - hope they help you guys fix them!

    There are a few bugs in the article section, if I list them - you'll all be aware of them then.

    Editing an Article
    When you edit an article, any pictures will suddenly get an extra line break beneath them. Ensure you remove these (especially from the first paragraph).

    Inserting Tags
    When you insert tags into a new article you are creating, you will lose them upon saving/publishing them (this may only apply to editors) You will notice they are gone once you are taken to the article page after submission. You will need to edit the article again to add them in, upon submitting the article again, you will notice they are not on AGAIN - However, this is a display issue. The backend database has actually been updated (to confirm, press edit and you will see the tags appearing in there).

    Setting Page Views
    We don't use Page Views, originally because I thought it was a bug as when editing an article, the pageviews are removed. However, upon investigating this further I can see upon editing an article vBulletin sets the option to display pageview to OFF.

    Editing An Article Resets Post Date & Time
    Editing an article, yes ANY article, ANY edit - even the title, causes the article to be resubmitted, resetting the original post time and date. This is despite editing the "Post Times" in the edit screen. So ensure any edits are done ASAP - as if another article is edited before yours, this causes yours to be the "Latest" article, when in fact the Latest one has actually been outdated.

    Please approach with caution when using HTML, absolutely NO I-Frames as they cause issues with the preview text not being restricted in the preview screen.

    A couple of features which would be cool:

    Article Preview being completely customisable - I've had to write my own scripts to get the layout we want.

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