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5.0.5 - 30 youtube embeded videos = Xtreme initial render slow down

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  • 5.0.5 - 30 youtube embeded videos = Xtreme initial render slow down

    Hey there,
    just noticed that a topic we have (with allot of youtube clips)
    (embedded using the vb5 insert video feature)
    Is generating slowdowns / server side.

    Server is responding anything from 1 to 14 seconds (initial response)
    usually its below 200ms (after George's optimization suggestions)

    So what does VB5 does before it even start to render the page ?

    Slow downs are not after the initial render(when the browser should start to pull the additional thumbnails and youtube content)
    the slowdown is on the initial page request.
    its like VB is waiting and contacting youtube first before the render to the client even starts

    Isn't this a job for the browser?

    Any input on this or we need to create a ticket as this logic of vb5 is not that goof if there is a 10-20page topic with youtube clips.

    You can try it for your self
    load any page from

    and then load the one with youtube:

    it takes 5-10x longer to load.

    When a mod looks it to this you can delete the external links.

    Normal Topics:

    Youtube topic: - Putting the XS back into life™
    The first Pheromone Research community based on vBulletin Verion 5.x

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    Sorry to bump such an old topic. But I have a similar problem.
    Can you tell me what was causing the slow load times for pages with youtube clips?
    Please vote for:
    - Lightbox for all uploads
    - Attachment permissions for unregistered users


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