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Post view sorting in blogs changes if unapproved posts get approved

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  • Post view sorting in blogs changes if unapproved posts get approved


    So I have some blogs who get feed by RSS, some of them I have set to be all unapproved as I need to edit them or delete double posts.

    Here is the Blog where all is auto approved, you see the newest post first:

    Than I unapprove a post for testing, change nothing else, and approve it again, and it get shuffled to the end of the blogposts, see this last one, newest date/time, but shuffled to the end:

    Here is the place where I approve all, you see the change
    The 4 posts at the bottom go upwards with the date, the top 16 posts go downwards. (page post 1 from jan. 20, post 16 jan. 19, post 18 feb.11, post 19 feb. 19)

    This happens if I'm logged in or out, searched endless in the admin, in the user-settings, everywhere, but can't seem to find a fix.
    All that happened after the upgrade from 5.0.5 to 5.1.0 Beta 2

    Is there any solution, any error on my end, any suggestion how to fix this?

    I want the approved posts sorted according to date/time of posting, newest first.

    Thank You for looking into this.

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    So I'm the only one with this problem and should search the error on my end? Or should do a support ticket?

    Thank You for an answer.


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      In your testing environment you get the same problem, or is this isolated to me and my install?

      Any answer is appreciated, or tell me to search help in a support ticket.

      Got this vb5-license now nearly 1 year ago (another vb4 3 years ago), planning even to make more forums, but it's hard to deal with things if they are broken.


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        TGIF, lets hope the testing-dude is around on Monday after the week off, looking forward for an answer.

        Thank You.


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          Fixed with some rebuilds, tried this before and didn't work.

          Next time just give a hint or 2, it may help a lot of others as well, who just read around here to search for solutions. Even if you don't support the Release Candidate 1 or Betas, peoples are desperate to upgrade to solve at last 500 (five hundred!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) errors and bugs/fixes with your script, heads up.


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            You shouldn't be running beta versions, we don't support them, they're likely to have additional bugs as well,


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              5.1.0 version is used now, and the problem stays. If I approve posts it get shuffled at the end, I want the newest first. sample: , than you could go to the 6th page, there you see the newest, all is mixed somehow. any ideas? (and if i post this here linebreaks don't work,,,,if I click Post Reply it says text required, even if all is in the box, how can normal surfers post, they just give up and go away,,,,copying that now, searching the old post to try a fresh reply,,,)


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                Day 15 after the original post, any tester/support person got anything to say about the problem, specially now as my version should get supported, the 5.1.0, or is it some isolated issue who goes back to a maybe corrupted database, wrong server setup on my end or whatever?
                Don't hold yourself back, you get the same in your testing environments or no?

                You know, I just wan't to make a good forum, that's why I got your good software with the good support.

                Or just say " your things are not on our to do list, it's a bug who is several months in the JIRA, sorry if you couldn't find it and didn't get enough votes to get it fixed", either way, try to help me or tell me to go away.

                Thank You.


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                  Did you report the bug in jira? Did you find a bug report in jira and add your vote to it? Unless you report the bug in jira, it doesn't exist.


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