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How do you block unregistered users to the forum page?

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  • How do you block unregistered users to the forum page?

    Hey guys,

    I been wanting to ask is there anyway where I can make a page un-view able to unregistered users because with the forums page I want that group to not see it I have been in "Channel permissions" in AdminCP but all what I does it does is just hide the forum structure (categorize and threads) not that page itself (It still shows latest activity that unregistered people can have a look at and other modules that I put on that page). I also tried "Home" channel permissions and that work but it blocked all pages of the site to unregistered users but that's not what I want sadly.

    Is there a script I need to do to block that one page? Because I'm lost since I thought channel permissions does the job of cutting of each section of the site.

    Current using vBulletin 5.0.5
    (If you need more content let me know on software and applications that run for the site)
    This is the content that the page is showing for unregistered users (But I wish to not display any of it to the unregistered user group on this page):

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