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  • removing modules and tabs


    We have downloaded and installed the latest version of vbulletin in our site. While trying to edit the page layout, I have experienced few issues and have few questions as well which I have listed below. Please let me know your valuable suggestions.

    1) I was trying to delete the page title module after logging in with admin privileges. In fact the page title module resulted in repeatations. The same word forum wa sgetting repeated thrice.

    But after deleting the module when I tried to save it, I got a message saying "You cannot remove a system module from the page template." Not sure what is going wrong.

    Let me know how do I remove this module and save.

    2) Is it possible to remove all the tabs fom the latest activity module? I could remove two but it is not allowing me to remove all the 3. In fact we need to have only the main tab. Is it possible to have so. If so how do I achieve the same.

    Thanks for your support!

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    1. You cannot remove the page title module.

    2. You should be able to deselect the tabs under Edit Page > Edit Module > Tabs to Display

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      The Page Title module will be removable in 5.1.0. It currently has the status of a system module which was an oversight. You can edit the activity stream module and turn off the display of its title in the options to remove the duplicates as workaround.

      You can't remove all the tabs. You must have one or the entire module will reset.
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        Thanks Lynne and Wayne!!


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          Workaround in the mean while:

          Originally posted by GuiltyNL View Post
          If you don't want to wait for 5.1 (it is fixed in 5.1) and you have database access, you can fix it by doing this:
          1. Go to the table 'widget'
          2. Lookup the row 'widget_pagetitle' in the column 'template'
          3. Change the column row category 'System' to 'Generic'
          4. Apply the changes
          After that you are able to remove the Page Title Module from your pages (and also you are able to re-add it if you like).


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