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vBulletin 5.0.5 There is a serious error and the page cannot be rendered

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  • DigoAlmino
    Thank you so much Wayne cheers for that.

    Many thanks,


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  • Wayne Luke
    Log into your AdminCP directly by adding /core/admincp/ to your URL.

    Go to Usergroups -> Usergroup Manager.

    Edit the Administrator usergroup.

    Remove the expiration time on passwords by setting it to 0.

    Save the usergroup.

    You should be able to access the home page now.

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  • vBulletin 5.0.5 There is a serious error and the page cannot be rendered

    Hello guys,

    Recently one of my members of my site had this issue but it wasn't the server as a whole it was just him so he was a having a account issue. So I did the shortest way of just telling him that I'll just delete the account and we can redo it again since he hasn't post anything on the forums yet (With admin permission he had on his account). Thankfully it work but now the error has come to myself with my account which is the head admin account to the site.

    What I'm asking is how do I fix this issue what I'm having with my account because all members can get onto the site but just not me.

    I'm currently using vBulletin 5.0.5
    PHP Version - 5.3.27
    MySQL version - 5.5.34-log
    Apache Version - 2.2.25
    phpMyAdmin Version - 4.0.8

    Do I need to redo my account with phpMyAdmin manual to get all permission rights again? Do I need to fix something in the data base to remove this error? Or do I need to truncate the cache that someone was saying in this thread?:

    If anyone knows how to fix this error please help me because I haven't cross this issue before. If you can provide a guide that will be fantastic thank you.

    Many thanks,


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