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A couple of small problems

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  • A couple of small problems

    I have a couple of small problems I hope I can get help with:
    1. We can't work out how check which forums we have already posted in without having to actually go into them. I'm sure it's something glaringly obvious and I apologise if this has already been addressed. I couldn't find it in the threads.
    2. Our search system isn't working. We've rebuilt everything that needed doing, is there something else we can try?
    VBulletin 5.0.5
    PHP version 5.4.22
    SQL version 5.1.70-cll
    add ons - forum runner and VigLink
    Browser Safari 7.1


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    Actually a post indicator is missing in vB5. I am hoping to see this back in vB5 since ages. You can vote here for this feature to raise its importance.


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      1) Do you mean topics? Forums contain so many different topics, that tracking which forum you posted in become irrelevant very quickly. I will admit, that a post indicator stating you posted in specific Topics though.

      2) You need to be more specific. "Doesn't Work" isn't really helpful.
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        Thanks for the link, TLMD. I voted.

        Wayne, sorry for the lax descriptions. At nearly 70 I'm not quite up with the terminology. Anyhow, it was the post indicator. I've voted for it now. Also, the search facility is being looked at by one of our members as I type this. If I need further assistance, I'll be back. Thank you.
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