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  • Thread Display Order - Help

    How can I change the thread display order so that the most recent post displays at the top??? (Default for all users...?) I am working in VB5
    Many thanks for your help

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    You want to change the display order of posts within a topic, so the most recent post is shown at the beginning (and not at the end)? I am afraid that can't be done without code modification. I didn't find an option to achieve this, neither in AdminCP > Settings > Options > Topic Display Options (showthread) nor via Site Builder > Edit Page > Edit Conversation Detail Module.


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      ~Thanks TLMD. This option was available in vBulletin v4 so am surprised that it isn't available in v5. I will raise it as an Enhancement Request and hope that that other members add their names to the list. Can you imagine if Facebook removed this, we would all have to scroll through years of posts to find today's posts lol. Cheers . . . R


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        If there was a "Jump to first unread post" button in the navigation bar, I wouldn't bother. However, currently I can only use the little icon next to the topic title when browsing a forum, hence this suggestion: VBV-10897

        If you have created your suggestion in the tracker, you might want to post it in the suggestions forum, so it will get more attention (potentially).


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