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    New installation, newbie administrator of vBulletin 5.0.5. Site is

    I'm trying to get the Publish to Facebook function to work, but nothing shows up in my personal page, or on the forum's page that I created.

    Where is this supposed to get posted?

    Does anybody else have it working? Can you provide a link to demonstrate this functionality?

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    BTW, login/sign-up with FB works, as does the FB app:

    Just can't get the Publish to Facebook function to work.


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      Hello- I made a test post on your site, feel free to delete it- I tried to keep it on topic- https://www.smallbusinesscomputersec...t-of-obamacare

      But I have found this is a known bug - We do not have a work-around at this time, but we hope to have it fixed in the 5.1.1 release. Please vote for the issue after following the link I provided.
      Last edited by Joe D.; Fri 3 Jan '14, 10:51am.


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        Thanks for the reply, and the info re: the known bug. I sure hope this gets fixed soon. It would be a huge plus to be able to promote forum content by cross-posting to Facebook.

        Voted, and watched!


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