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Missing post after upgrade

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  • Missing post after upgrade

    after upgrading from 4.2 to 5.0.5 or whatever the latest one is. I go to certain section of my forum and I have all the thread names there. and it will say so many views but 0 replies. which before the upgrade they all had replies.

    but not only is it missing the replies its missing the original post as well

    any help please?

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    also if I click on one of the links in the sections that show their are post. but can't actually view the post I get
    • + New Topic
    • Topic not found. You may have followed an invalid link or the topic may have been deleted or moved to another forum


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      no reply... how nice.


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        It seems the upgrade did not complete successfully. I would restore back to your VB4 backup, I don't see any quick way to solve these issues. Will likely need to redo the upgrade from the beginning.


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          Ive redone the upgrade several times each time I gwt missing threads


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            Did you run Maintenance > General Update Tools > Rebuild Thread Information and then Rebuild Forum Information?

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              yes I did


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                after doing the rebuild thread rebuild forum... I still have post missing. here is a screen shot

                when clicking on the link to go to a post that before the upgrade had many replies I get the following

                • Topic not found. You may have followed an invalid link or the topic may have been deleted or moved to another forum.


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                  no suggestions?


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                    so a issue that started in December is still not answered in February...


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                      A full week since any suggestions... how nice...

                      guess I'll be upgrading to a forum software where you can actually get a reply once in a while...


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                        To me this sounds like an issue where someone needs to look at your site. Maybe you should open a support ticked and grant admin access to someone there. Then at least someone can check if the general configuration of your site is okay (and see if it is a vB5-related problem or an upgrade problem).

                        Just an idea.


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                          Had as much success on the support ticket as 8 d8d here... None


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                            I see there has been a response to your ticket, I should add it was only created today and ticket responses are not instant/real time. Staff may be working on other tickets.

                            From reading this topic it's unlikely there's a simple quick fix to this, as Joe mentioned it's possible the upgrade did not complete correctly and a restore from backup at that time may well have been the easiest way out.

                            Best to follow up in the ticket now, as access to your site is going to be needed.
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                              it was 15 or so hours before it was responded 2. so yes I'm aware that they are not answered instantly....

                              if my company took 15 hours to get back as a first response to my clients they would fire us...


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