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Search problems after vb5 upgrade

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  • Search problems after vb5 upgrade

    Hi, seems as if my board is have lots of trouble. It was working fine for years, but since we recently upgraded to vb5, lots of problems... We are running vb 5.0.5, mysql versiob 5.1.70-cll, PHP Version 5.4.18. Our url is,

    The issue that's got me stumped the most is the search function. When we use the search function, we are getting "There are no results that meet this criteria." I can duplicate this with known posts. On our forum, in the 1st few posts you'll see "SAVANNAH 01 of IBK", if you search for "SAVANNAH" you'll get "There are no results that meet this criteria." It seems like all posts prior to the vb5 update can not be found with the search, while new posts can be, as when we search "Scarlett", it comes up.

    Any help will be deeply appreciated!!

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    Have you re-built the search index?

    Admin CP -> Maintenance -> General Update Tools -> Rebuild Search Index

    NOTE: This can be a time consuming process (days even on large forums.) However you can continue to use the site while the index gets rebuilt.


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      Thank you!!!!!! That fix worked well!!!


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        No problem. It should usually tell you to do this in the Admin CP "News Items" after an upgrade but perhaps it should be added to the manual as well.


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