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5.0.5 Videos not playing

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  • 5.0.5 Videos not playing

    We are having issues with posting videos in new topics. The video shows up but when you go to play it, the video box goes white and does nothing.

    What do we need to do to resolve this?

    Thank you

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    What site videos is this happening with, or is it happening for all sites?

    Are you embedding videos via the Link content type or directly in a post like this?


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      It will not allow me to embed any iFrame videos. The links seem to be working for some but not all. Primarily with sharing videos off of facebook. Maybe the issue is that there is no way to authenticate being friends with the user and being able to view their videos?

      How can we embed iframe videos?

      Not sure if you can see this but here is the page


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        Facebook videos are broken in VB5 currently - it is a known bug - please vote for the issue here-

        It's not the fact it's an <iframe> but the fact vBulletin was set to use the Facebook Flash player that they discontinued.

        Is there any other video site you have a problem with?


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          Is there a way to get the iframe embedding to work?


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            You can get it somewhat working- I posted a work-around for VB 4.x, but the same procedure will fix the issue for videos inserted using the Advanced Editor in VB5.

            Explained here-

            Basically you have to edit the bbcode_video template and update the embed code for Facebook.

            However this will not fix videos that are added by clicking on the "Link" icon in the editor and inserting a link.


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              Example- Facebook Videos added like this will NOT work with the work-around posted above. This video only works because it is a youtube video, if it was really from Facebook it would not work in VB 5.0.5.


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