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I can not embed video to my site

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  • I can not embed video to my site

    Vbulletin 5.0.5 is new but it not allow me to do anything . I can not embed the video , audio . I also can not post with the accents in the topic.

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    What exactly happens when you try to post a video, can you link to a topic on your site where it is not working?

    I do not believe there are any tools in VB5 to embed audio except as audio to a video.

    Whatv exqctly happens when you try to use an accent in a topic?


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      I try to post this video to the room , but it is not worked
      <p> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
      <script type="text/javascript">jwplayer.key="yl9vvYWZUNx48j981dVSewfoY/V2CFEg5FdnXw==";</script>
      <center><div id='my-video'></div></center>
      <script type='text/javascript'>
              file: '',
              image: '',
              width: '1000',
              height: '600'
      </script> </p>


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        You seem to be posting in embed code, that does not work. For the above code to work you would need to enable HTML for the usergroup- it is OK for trusted site Administrators but is very dangerous to enable HTML for anyone else- even moderators should not be allowed to use HTML.

        The video that can be embedded in VB5 safely are from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook Daily Motion, and Meta Cafe. To embed these videos you click on the Insert Video button in the Advanced Editor and paste in the URL to the video and vBulletin will automatically convert it into an embedded video- it only works with these sites.

        Example if you paste in this URL you will get the video below-


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          Thank Joe


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            Originally posted by Joe D. View Post
            Example if you paste in this URL you will get the video below-

            This does not work for me.
            I still get the Embedding disabled on request message.

            Or are you saying that html needs to be enabled...*and* use the [video] tags...


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              No, HTML does not need to be enabled and never should be enabled.

              Embedding disabled by request is a message certain YouTube videos show when their author doesn't allow them to be embedded in other pages- such videos can only be played on YouTube itself. Can you post a link to this video so I can confirm?


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