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  • Add facebook like into slide bar

    hi I woud like to add a Facebook Like into my slide bar as same as this picture - I am find plugin, but I cannot find any plugin compatible with VB4. Could you help me how to do it? Click image for larger version

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    Can mod help me to move this theard to "vBulletin 5 Customization"?
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      Get the code from Facebook and put it in a Static HTML Module. Move the module where you want to in your page.

      To add a module go to the page you want to edit.
      1. Click "Edit Site" in the top right corner to open the Site Builder.
      2. Click "Edit Page".
      3. Click the Module tab of the Edit Page interface.
      4. Find the module you want and drag it to the screen.
      5. Drop it where you want to show.
      6. To configure the module, click the "Edit Module" icon on the module itself. It looks like an old-fashioned pen.
      7. Save the module.
      8. Save the page at the top.
      Translations provided by Google.

      Wayne Luke
      The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
      vBulletin 5 API - Full / Mobile
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        What code would we look for on Facebook? I'm guessing more than just the URL for the group?


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          That is called a Facebook Like Box and you can get the code from Facebook here-


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            Hi I do not know how to configure the module "Static HTML" - I cannot see editor, ... and another way to push code into there. Please help me. Click image for larger version

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              Are you sure you are using VB 5.0,5 and only have VB 5.0.5 files? I ask because I see you downloaded the 5.0,4 Patch files several times after you downloaded VB 5.0.5, if you uploaded 5.0.4 Patch files over 5.0.5 that would cause problems such as this.

              I suggest to be sure you re-upload a fresh set of 5.0.5 files there is no patch needed for 5.0.5. If that doesn't help also go to Admin CP -> Settings -> Options -> Plugin/Hooks System and disable hooks and see if that helps.


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                Hi Joe

                Thanks for your information.

                I downloaded 5.0.5, and upload overwrite on current files, and I got blank page, you can get it

                Please help me to fix it.
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                  Please open a support ticket, to the Attention of Joe D. Please include an Admin CP and FTP login information for the site in the sensitive data field of the ticket.

                  You can open a support ticket in the Member's Area.

                  If for some reason you don't want to do that then please check your PHP error logs to see what error is causing the blank page.


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                    FYI, for everyone, the fix for above was there was an index.html file in the forum root folder. Unsure where the file came from, it is not part of vBulletin. Once it was removed the forum homepage was working again. Thanks to Zachery for suggesting to look for that- I was wasting time looking for PHP errors that weren't showing (since it wasn't a PHP error.)

                    Still looking into the static HTML module issues.


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                      OK, I don't know why but you seem to have 3 copies of the Static HTML module and the original Static HTML module as well. You must use the original and not a copy. If you use the original you will be able to edit and configure the module, I tested it.

                      You can tell which one is the original because it will not have the edit/rename/delete links in red below the module name.


                      • John8
                        John8 commented
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                        Hi Joe D.,
                        I have similar "My custom Modules" as above, where I have tried to create a new module. However now in trying to create them and edit them, I cannot, and it says I do not have the permission to do so. I am admin. How do I delete and edit them to be saved custom modules?



                      • Joe D.
                        Joe D. commented
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                        I'm sorry but there is no "delete" option yet. It will be implemented in a future version -

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                      Tks for your support. I got it.
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