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We broke profile module

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  • We broke profile module

    we do edit page - edit profile module - change tab order and set default tab to about. Save page with overwrite template YES.

    Now we have broken module, with wrong tabs, appear tab infractions ???
    If set default tab to about there no info for about in profile.
    can not set tab to display, can not set tab order, from time to time have a blank tab with no name.

    Revert setting to default activities do not show activities but after click other tabs and return to activities all its ok, same thing happen if you set default tab to about.

    No activity results to display by default, but after click about then go back there have activity. After media have one empty tab - check page edit in site builder - config module - there have empty tab with noname and new tab infractions???? and all settings in module / tab order, tabs to display / stay unsaved.

    And strange error url from time to time - http://mydomayn.comfalse/ without slash ???
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