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Removing Latest Activity tab (within threads) from VB 5.05

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  • Removing Latest Activity tab (within threads) from VB 5.05

    I don't like how clicking on a topic sends you to the 'latest activity' tab of that topic. This is because in that tab you can't quote or post, only read and comment. Is there an option somewhere to make the default of clicking both 'last post' and the topic itself sends you to the "posts" tab and not the "latest activity tab"? Or, failing that, can the "latest activity" tab be removed altogether?

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    Edit the "Conversation Detail" module in Site Builder by clicking "Edit Page" while viewing a topic, set "Posts" to be the default tab. Then disable the Activity tab if you don't want it to show.

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      I appreciate the response, but the default tab is already set to 'posts'. I don't see an option to enable or disable the activity tab, where should I be looking?


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