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Forum missing styling and AdminCP not accessible

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  • Forum missing styling and AdminCP not accessible

    I've tried my very best Google-fu on this problem and just couldn't find anything to point me in the right direction.

    My company has decided to use vBulletin to host their forums, but I've been charged with getting a test-deployment going. I have full administrative rights to a Windows Server 2003 machine and tried to install vBulletin using the vBulletin installation manual. A handful of intranet test sites exist on our network, so I aimed to attach the forums to one of them for testing purposes. Since I can remote into the server, I downloaded the files directly to the server, unzipped them, and followed the directions. I ran the install php file, and completed the installation. After deleting the install folder from /core, I tried to access the forums and the adminCP, and ran into two problems:

    I can't access the AdminCP page at all. Trying to access "site/forums/admincp" shows an error "Directory Listing Denied, This virtual directory does not allow its contents to be listed.

    Trying to access the forums themselves is a mess. All CSS seems to be disabled. Clicking the login/Sign Up section creates a drop-down effect that displays a "Page cannot be found" error page.

    Windows Server 2003 (IIS6)
    PHP 5.3.24
    MySQL 5.6.14
    No addons
    No style applied
    Firefox 25.01 used to access install.php

    I've checked the database I specified in the config.php and all the tables for the forums were created successfully. Any insight to this issue would be much appreciated. I'm completely out of ideas.

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    In order to use vBulletin 5 under IIS, you need to use IIS 7 or higher and have URL Rewrite 2 installed.
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