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  • Site Builder bug

    I logged in on my admincp to place an Announcement for my new website (, logged off. When I logged onto the site, I couldn't turn on Site Builder. So I went back to the admincp and deleted the Announcement. Site Builder worked again. Anybody else had this bug?

    I also had videos (linked from YouTube) disappear and reappear from time to time -- don't know if it's a server or vBulletin issue.

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    I had the same problem. Had to change the announcement date to the next day so that I could access site builder. Glad you posted, I was getting so very frustrated. Just installed 5 today, and could not access the site builder when I came back later, though it was on, none of the links worked. I did not associate it with having posted an announcement. Bad design.


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      This is a known issue. Currently the only fix is to turn off announcements.

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        When I have an announcement, I cannot even post a new topic. The topic button simply does not work. There is no way to make a general announcement it seems and have a functioning forum.


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          use Notices... There is currently a bug with the Javascript that Announcements causes. Notices have a lot more functionality as it is.
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