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    Page info
    by TsG XxGHOSTxX
    The page I am trying to edit keeps defaulting me back to a blog format I simply want it to be an about us page with only the paragraph I am putting in there how do I make this happen?
    Thu 15th Jun '17, 1:01am
  • ATForum
    Blog issue
    by ATForum
    I tried to initiate blogs like I did for Groups but found that when I get to clicking on the pencil in Channels>Blogs in the Site Builder, it doesn't do anything. Doesn't go to the one blog I added...
    Sun 24th Feb '19, 10:28am
  • briyo2289
    I accidentally deleted the blogs...
    by briyo2289
    When I was configuring my relatively new VBuletin Forum, I deleted the blog functionality. Is there any way to get this back?

    The hosting site I using allows me to access all the VBulletin...
    Mon 10th Jun '19, 10:16am
  • Dapol_andy
    Blogs and Channels
    by Dapol_andy
    Hi, Apologies if this has been posted before; I have searched, but couldn't find any references. I believe I may have messed up the blog template somehow?
    Here's what I did:
    • I need to categorize
    Mon 28th Mar '16, 8:51am
  • pacinofurioso
    Creating Blogs
    by pacinofurioso
    Hello. Im new to vbulletin. Im trying to setup the structure of my blogs pages for members who want to join. From the home page, when I click on BLOGS, it takes me to a page that is blank. What default...
    Mon 12th Oct '15, 6:10pm