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    I am sorry if I am missing something simple but somehow my forum "template" page isn't carrying down to the children. Basically I have setup modules (like ads, etc) along with the forum and want it to carry over to sub pages/forums. Currently on some of the sub pages the sidebar defaults to blank and it loses other forum settings. We are using V5.05 and the site builder is where the problem seems to be.

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    You need to at least edit the page type, if you want it to showup other pages. Each page has its own template.


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      Thank you for your reply. How do apply the same page type or template to other pages?
      Wow you have over 50,000 posts in here! Impressive.


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        You normally wouldn't do that. it'd be bad. You have to edit each page type you want to change something on. Like editing this page (where posts are shown) would change it for all other places posts are shown. Does that make sense?


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          Hey Zachery...I think I understand but unless there is something I am missing this would be very difficult. For example if I add an "ad module" down the right hand side of a top level forum page I would want that to be on the subsequent pages (I think it should do that automatically) but let's just say I have to ad the module to each subsequent page. That wouldn't be to bad if I could just pick the same module. Unless I am missing something or there is a bug I can't save a module so I have to recreate it each time (not practical - at least with our forum).

          Check out the attached image and you will see why I don't want to have to recreate this on all sub pages


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