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Where can I find API Extension Systems documentation?

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  • Where can I find API Extension Systems documentation?


    I purchased VB5 a week ago. On your website I read "API Extension System" as one of the major features. This extension system was one of the main reasons to buy VB5. I counted on that.

    But now we have a problem because we can't find a documentation for this API Extension System and my developers can't start to work. Just go and try it? Would be to time and cost cosuming.

    What can we do?

    Thank you, rhodes

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    I'd like to know where the documentation is too. It's hard to find information needed to develop for vB5.


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      There's not a whole lot of documentation available.

      Here is a blog on how to make a simple modification -

      Basically you need to look through the code inside the files in the /core/vb/api/ directory. Classes within this files are what we can extend. Classes in files anywhere else in the system cannot be extended via the extensions system.

      The file names more or less let you know what the classes inside will relate to, and then you just need to find the code that is involved for what you want to extend.


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        Most of the documentation is currently inline. I have been trying to get some PHPDoc style documentation available.
        Translations provided by Google.

        Wayne Luke
        The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
        vBulletin 5 API


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          Thanks, that's a start! Just to make sure, my intention is to write something that will allow login via Twitter and maybe other methods. Is this where I should be going to accomplish my goal?


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