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when vbulletin5 support utf-8 or arabic langauge

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  • when vbulletin5 support utf-8 or arabic langauge

    hello i upgrade my forums to 5.0.5 for testing in localhost;
    i found that still vbulletin not supporting utf-8
    my forums work fine;
    but links of forums and threads have bad characters

    for clear
    my database utf-8
    language arabic
    my version vb421
    i found that vbulletin5 create new table named node; in this table copying data from field title or htmltitle to urlident here data is converting to bad characters i hope resolve this problem in next version vb5

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    New installs of vBulletin 5 should use UTF-8. What you're seeing in the browser address bar is something completely different and we don't have much control over it.

    If you're importing/upgrading then you will be using whatever character set and database table structure you were before. Your database should be converted to UTF-8 before upgrading.
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      my db utf-8 before upgrading; any one want to upgrade to vb5 have arab forums and using db utf8 well found same problem i have experiance in db vbulletin; only way to resolve that problem; correct file responsible to create table node and copying data to him

      please delete photo in under topic i put him in mistake


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        Same problem here. My old database is utf8_general_ci, tables are utf8_general_ci, fields are utf8_general_ci and the connection is utf8_general_ci. In the config file, mysqli connection is set to utf8.

        The problem is in VB5, not in database !


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          Originally posted by toshkov View Post

          The problem is in VB5, not in database !
          yes i'am i agree with you; i hop vb fix it soon


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