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    In prior versions, custom searches looked like this fpor the last 5 days.

    this no longer works in vb5. How can we have links for last x days?

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    Your links shows the following: "Sorry, you are not authorized to view this page. Please make sure ..."

    There is a date range available in the Advanced Search, if you want to search for posts within a certain period.


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      The link was not for my site. My site is private, however my question was, how do I conduct links (as in Nav bar) on search x days? Just need help with the search string. I can add the Nav Links


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        Quickest and easiest way? Use the search module. Set your options, including days to look. Save the search module. Edit it and click on JSON tab. You'll get your code.

        search?searchJSON=code here
        Translations provided by Google.

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          Thanks, my JSON code is

          when I add that to the search I get the main search screen. I asked for 5 days back in the code.


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