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Vbulletin5 Connect - Revisited - Paid User - Are the bugs fixed in the current version?

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  • Vbulletin5 Connect - Revisited - Paid User - Are the bugs fixed in the current version?

    Hello... I purchased Vbulletin 5 Connect back in March of 2013 and was forced to downgrade to version 4 instead due to the many problems and bugs in the early release.

    Here we are 6 months later and my question is, "Have all the major problems been sovled with VB5?"

    There were too many issues 6 months ago to run in a production environment. What about now guys?


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    I bought it almost a year ago, I still don't use it...
    Although it has moved on a little, I guess it is up to the user to decide if it is right for themselves..
    I am still waiting on CMS because as of now, vB5 is still purely forum software only...and struggling at that in some areas..


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      A large number of bugs have been fixed, new features added, and feature parity features returned. You would need to be more specific on what your pressing issues are though before we can fully answer your questions.

      The Missing Features List originally started with 73 issues that I was tracking. Today there are about 15-16. You can see it here:
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        imho, there are still be many core issues...its hard to imagine a thriving production site on vb5 atm

        its like 90 times better than 5.0.1 but still....curious what 5.1 will unveil, maybe then??


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          If you have access to vB5, you should consider to do a test installation. vB 5.0.5 (current version) can't be compared to let's say vB 5.0.0 in any regard, however, there is still work needed to improve vB5. This being said, I'd decide on personal needs wheather or not vB5 is already usable for you.


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