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Cannot turn Edit site on after 5.0.5 install?

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  • Cannot turn Edit site on after 5.0.5 install?

    After the overwrite I did deleted Instll.php and makeconfig.php under Core > Install. I can login to my site but the edit site will not turn on.

    Any suggestions?


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    After uploading my files I went to "Running the vBulletin Upgrade Script" where I went to BUT the instructions say "The first thing you will see from the upgrade script is a login prompt, asking you to enter your Customer Number." and I don't see that, only my site saying it is temporarily shut down. I can login but am told either there is an error when I try to turn on edit site or nothing happens at all.


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    Don't delete anything before you ran the upgrade script!

    Please follow the instructions I have already posted in your other topic about how to upgrade to vB 5.0.5:
    • Download vB 5.0.5 from the member's area. Unpack the archive. No files need to be edited, if you upgrade from vB 5.0.4 to vB 5.0.5.
    • Upload all the files in the upload folder to your server or webspace. Overwrite all files.
    • Run the upgrade script by browsing to "core/install/upgrade.php" and follow the instructions.
    • After the upgrade has finsihed, delete the entire install directory! This is important due to security issues!
    • Optionally remove the obsolete "config.php.bkp" (root directory) and "" (core/includes directory).
    • Done.

    the instructions say "The first thing you will see from the upgrade script is a login prompt, asking you to enter your Customer Number." and I don't see that,
    If you run the upgrade script, it will ask you for your customer number before the actual upgrade process will happen. Your customer number is displayed in your member's area and was sent to you via e-mail, when you purchased vB5. Also see this post in the other topic mentioned above.


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      Originally posted by TLMD View Post
      Don't delete anything before you ran the upgrade script!
      Too late, now I'm all messed up. These things are already deleted. I've made several mistakes. First, I now know I was adding pathtofollow in the address that's why it didn't go through.Duh! But now the install.php is deleted before going to the script update, don't know what problems that will cause or how to fix it. On top of it all I unwittingly accidentally deleted core > install > makeconfig.php while thinking to to do core > includes > BTW, currently under core > includes > I have config.php without the .new, don't know what to do with that either.. I wish I could start over or something, I have no idea where to start to fix these problem now that I understand the routine better. Sigh.


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        You can try the following:
        • Upload just the core/install folder from your vB5 archive back to your webspace/server. Then you have the install.php back as well as the upgrade.php and the makeconfig.php (and several other files).
        • Check your config.php in core/includes. Does it contain all your database info, as you would have entered it if you were going for a fresh installation? If no, delete that file, take the "untouched" new file from the vB 5.0.5 archive, edit it (fill in the required information), rename it to config.php and upload this one to your webspace/server. Then you have this file back.
        • Now start the upgrade script by browsing to your domain and add /core/install/upgrade.php

        Did this help you?


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          Thanks very much for your help.

          After talking by ticket to support I have re-uploaded the install to my server after only deleting the config.php.bkp file. Everything went smoothly including the script update which prompted me to first delete the install.php and then the makeconfig.php. after doing this it brought me to my Admincp. I went to the site and noticed no differences whatsoever and I could not post. I logged out and back in again and it would not let me turn on my edit site or post when logged in. I went back to the script update and it had a final complete the process button where I clicked on the button and it loaded some said finished (again) and gave me the option to go to Admincp (again). When I got there same story nothing works and nothing looks different.

          Upon reading your post and going to the server I see the and a config.php right under it are there under core > includes. That's where I'm at. Thanks again for any help..


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            I'm thinking its odd that I was prompted to delete the makeconfig.php under core > install, instead of the config.php or which one of those is what I seem to remember being prompted to delete in previous original and patch installs. So I'm wondering if when I overwrote the files with that config.php already there (which shouldn't have been?) if then maybe the makeconfig.php then made me another - one too many? Maybe 2 too many now? Just an uneducated but learning the hard way guess...

            I'm going to wait to see what you say before doing anything.
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              Makeconfig.php doesn't do anything if the config.php files already exist. You shouldn't have to edit them on most upgrades.
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