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Icons not showing when creating a new post

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  • Icons not showing when creating a new post

    Just noticed that the thread icons are not showing when creating a new post. When I take a look to the picture's URL it says:

    Where can I change this? Guess it should be where the correct pictures is showing.

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    In Admin CP -> Settings -> Options -> Site Name / URL / Contact Details make sure all URLs (Core URL, Front End URL, etc..) are correct and have no trailing slashes. Never trailing slashes.

    Are you using VB 5.0.4? If not (if using an older version) check the front end /config.php file as well for the correct base URL with no trailing slashes.


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      Check admincp > Post Icons > Post Icon Manager > View and then click to edit an icon and make sure the path is correct. For instance, the first one, Post, should have a path like: images/icons/icon1.png

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        Thanky Lynne, problem solved.
        BTW, thanks Joe, too. URLs were already set up.


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