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  • Navigation Bar Not Updating

    I find I can edit the navigation bar settings when in page edit mode, but when trying to save, it comes up Working..., but never saves, only coming up with an error:
    Error saving the navigation bar configuration.

    Please try again.

    Or it just sits there.

    Anyone seen this behaviour?

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    The navbar formatting doesn't change when using the style manager either, is this a feature or bug?


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      Is any error showing in the JavaScript Console on your browser? In Chrome right-click on the page, go to Inspect Element, then choose Console... Then reload the page and follow the steps until it freezes/gives error and see if any more specific error code is listed on the console.

      Other browsers have consoles, not sure how to access them all. In Internet Explorer I believe you hit F12 for development tools.


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        HI Joe, I'm getting this error in the console on IE.

        Done saving new/edited navbar item Counter: 1 Source: ajaxStart
        SCRIPT7002: XMLHttpRequest: Network Error 0x2ef3, Could not complete the operation due to error 00002ef3.
        saveHeaderNavbar failed! error:
        vBulletin.loadingIndicator.hide Counter: 0 Source: ajaxStop


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          That was when I set it to open in a new window. When I set it not to open in a new window, I get this error instead:

          Done saving new/edited navbar item
          SCRIPT5007: Unable to get property 'errors' of undefined or null reference
          forum, line 40 character 25738


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            Working now after upgrade to 5.0.5, but still navbar colour doesn't change even when editing it in style manager.


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