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Best way to update my German language pack, if a new version of vB5 comes out?

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  • Best way to update my German language pack, if a new version of vB5 comes out?

    I almost finished my German language pack for vB5. Now I could use some tips to update my language file when the next version of vB5 comes out.

    I edited the vbulletin-language.xml directly (using Notepad++) as I don't like the built-in phrase editor in the AdminCP. Here is what I did when I started with vB 5.0.3 and updated the file for vB 5.0.4. It worked, but it feels like being unneccessarily complicated, so maybe there is a better way to do this:
    • I opened both the original (unmodified) vbulletin-language.xml files of vB 5.0.3 and vB 5.0.4. Then I used a tool to compare every line and it shows which lines were removed, edited or added. It were quite a lot in vB 5.0.4...
    • Then I opened the modified xml file (my actual translation), which was based on vB 5.0.3, and copied/pasted the added lines from the newer vbulletin-language.xml (vB 5.0.4) into it, while removing phrases that had been deleted in the newer file.
    • If there was an edited phrase, I manually checked the changes and edited the translation, if necessary.

    Well, this seems to be one way to do it, but it took quite some time and I feel like there is a high risk of missing added phrases and or accidently delete phrases which shouldn't be removed. Therefore my question: What is the best way to update a language file? Is there a faster and maybe even more "secure" way to do this?

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    Click Find Updated Phrases and see if any are edited. Harder to find new phrases but you can run a query on the database to find those.

    Select * from phrase where dateline < unix_timestamp (time you upgraded);


    Select * from phrase where version > (version you upgraded to);
    Translations provided by Google.

    Wayne Luke
    The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
    vBulletin 5 API


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      Hmm... regarding the obsolete phrases: Could it be a problem to just leave them in the language file? Or should I definetly remove them? (If I was able to leave them in it, this would be a lot less work with every update.)


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