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Difficulty modifying color templates

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  • TLMD
    1.) After having defined a color scheme under "Edit Site/Edit Page/Color Style", you have to give it a name and click on "Save". I just tried this on a test installation, it works at my end.

    2.) If the users can decide which color scheme should be used, they will find the option in the footer. In the AdminCP you can define, which style should be the default one. I am not sure though, if you can assign different styles to different pages (without code modification).

    3.) Set your new style as the default style. In the AdminCP go to "Styles & Templates/Style Manager".

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  • ewright
    started a topic Difficulty modifying color templates

    Difficulty modifying color templates

    I have been using the Color Style tab in sitebuilder to choose colors, but when I save a template it doesnt apply to the page (despite the fact that I click "save page") nor can I figure out how to pull up that template to apply it to other pages. My questions are the following:

    1. How do I save a given color scheme so that I can pull it up later?
    2. How do I apply a saved color scheme to a given page?
    3. How do I apply a color scheme to ALL pages so that all pages on my forum have the same default appearance?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • dacstyle
    by dacstyle
    i press "edit page" at home and later i go to "color style" and choose all colors i want.

    I put a title for the color style press save.

    But the page still...
    Thu 20th Sep '12, 6:58pm