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  • HTML Module: No Configuration Found

    Hi all -

    I suspect I've got myself into trouble - if what I think happened indeed happened.

    My main issues is that whenever I try to introduce a Custom HTML Module I see a raft of HTML files already present. When trying to see what each module is about I receive a 'No Configuration Found' message. What I want - to be clear - is to make a 'reusable' Custom HTML Module. Whenever I select 'HTML Module' from the selection, one of the Modules already present highlights itself (presumably to indicate that that's the one to select from the 'Custom Modules' menu) but when clicked in an attempt to add the code, the 'No Configuration Found' message appears.

    So, I fear this happened.

    I've introduced a number of New Pages to my site, each containing at least one HTML Module, holding the main content of that page. See an example here: . None of these modules were build as Custom Modules; each was simply dragged from the 'All' menu, selecting HTML Module of course. Once dragged into place on each page, I configured the Module by adding the Title and Code as last action. Then I followed the standard 'Save' and 'Close' procedures. So far, so good. All seemed to work just fine.

    However, what I suspect also happened is that vBulletin now 'looks' at all these modules I dragged onto my new pages, now considering each a Custom Module. But because I configured them when they were already added to their respective pages the software now considers each module I configured 'on-page' as 'Custom', but without 'seeing' the code I added. Whenever I wish to add a 'true' Custom HTML Module, the software now refers to any of those existing 'Custom Modules' as ones to use, none of which seems usable for afore mentioned reasons.

    Worse, when trying to delete modules, vBulletin responds that such functionality has not yet been implemented.

    Can someone shed some light on what's going on here please?

    I sincerely hope I don't have to delete all the HTML modules I already placed on my pages before I can add true Custom Modules....

    Thanks -

    Mondy - The Business of Your Future - Strategy Redefined.

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    Anyone? - The Business of Your Future - Strategy Redefined.


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      Instead of trying to cdreate a custom re-useable html module, just drag and drop the regular html module onto the page.


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