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Moderators not receiving email notifications

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  • Moderators not receiving email notifications


    We are running the latest version of VB5. I went into the page where I give the moderator permissions to receive emails:
    Receive Email When a New Topic is Created
    Receive Email When a New Post is Created
    Both are checked as yes, but no emails are going out.

    I have also checked the email diagnostic page and I do receive the test email from that.

    Any ideas what could be going on here?


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    Hi Randy,
    Did you ever get this sorted out. I have the same problem. I have searched the this forum for an answer, but looks like you didn't get an answer neither. Please can you let me know if you found a solution. Thanks


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      Watching this... Same problem as Randy. Both topic and post buttons are checked "yes", but no email going out.


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        Same issue here. Anyone have a fix?
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          Where can I find this setting? I want to receive these e-mails, but I get nothing even tough I am subscribed to (nearly) all forums and a lot of threads. Maybe this setting helps. I checked the usergroup settings, channel permissions and e-mail options but could not find this setting.


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            Sorry, both are known bugs-

            The earliest they will be fixed is 5.1.1 and that is subject to change.


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              I have had the same question!

              This is just laughable!

              Basic features from vB4 dont work! Ive made more posts in the past 6 months about issues with vBulletin 5 that I ever did in 8 years with previous versions. The top level of management need a royal kick up the arse as we say in Britain for pushing this software out FAR FAR FAR too soon!
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