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  • New Member Activation Links Incorrect

    Just updated to 5.0.4, and new users signing up since the update are getting activation e-mails with incorrect links in them. It seems the links are correct except for the inclusion of "/core/" in the middle of the URL, e.g. If I remove the "/core/" from the URL, it works as expected. I double-checked our settings under AdminCP->Settings->Options->Site Name/URL/Contact Details, and they look correct:

    Core URL:
    Frontend URL:
    Frontend Login URL:
    Always use Forum URL as Base Path: Yes

    The whole thing smacks of a simple configuration mistake, but I'm not seeing it. Thoughts?

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    Have you perhaps modified that phrase and it hasn't been updated? activateaccount_change_gemailbody

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      Thanks for your quick response, Lynne. I hadn't thought about the phrase side of things. I did some checking, and found the phrase in use (it was actually the one titled activateaccount_gemailbody). It has not been modified. I can see in the phrase text which of the placeholders contains the erroneous path (number 3, as it happens), but I don't know where I can change that.


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        Is it correct to have our Core URL set to ? From what I've read elsewhere here in the forums, that seems to be what others are using, but it also happens to be the incorrect path our vB5 is using in these e-mails.


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          Bump. Anyone?


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            I have had the same issue and raised a support ticket. Below are responses from vBulletin:

            1st Response:
            Currently there is no specific fix, only a workaround.
            The [email protected] simply puts the site URL into the email, this is adding the /core which it shouldn't do.
            If you send me the admincp credentials, the support team will edit the phrases so that it works in the emails. Not the ideal fix but it will get it working working.
            It is a bug in the software on some setups. I've had to apply this fix on a handful of sites.

            2nd response:
            Here's a record of the ones changed, if you upgrade or change the site URL you may need to revert these:

            vBulletin Support

            There has been an additional issue that this edit has caused, in that some internal variables have been inserted into some emails instead of the URLs. Am awaiting another edit, will let you know how I get on.


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              Thanks for the info, Richy. Good stuff. I guess I'll try opening a formal ticket with vBulletin. Have you by chance looked at the phrases they modified for you? I'd be interested to know what was changed.


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                I'm having this same issue. If someone can tell us how they fixed it without us giving them admin access that would be great.


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                  I ended up just modifying the affected phrases myself, and hard-coding our site's base URL (sans 'core') in the place of that variable {3}. We're not about to go moving our site around, so it's reasonably safe. Not to mention, it sounds like what they would do for you if you gave them access.


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