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  • User Moving/Pruning Bug

    Hi, There is an error that I wanted to report.

    Over the summer, while using 3.8.6 I was innundated by spammers registering new accounts on my forum - thousands.

    This weekend, I upgraded to vB 5 Connect. I am trying to go through and delete these bogus accounts, and while the management of this is less than stellar, I found that since all the users are "Waiting for Moderation," I can locate them rather easily.

    However, I can't mass-delete them because when I click "Delete" and "Go" the system says "Please Complete All Required Fields."

    There are no required fields. Just check boxes.

    I have to assume there is a max limit, because I can batch delete like 10 or 20 with no problem. I'm not sure where the line is drawn where I go from success to failure, but it's somewhere.

    My questions:
    (1) do you guys know where that line is? It would be helpful to know so I can clear out all these bunk accounts
    (2) is there an easier way to clear these bunk accounts en mass?


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    same problem with you, and cannot find a solutions for this issues
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