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SPAM control in VB5

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  • SPAM control in VB5

    Firstly I must admit, VB5 is amazing and really fast. I have setup vb5 on a test installation and I finding it really amazing. I am not a traditional VB user (just started with VB couple of months back) and have a relatively small forum primarily meant as a support form for my products. I am using some products in my current vb 4.2 setup to control spam. Spam is a very big problem for me and was the primary reason for me to shift to VB. I am facing some issues with VB 4.2.0 because my webhost decided to move to php 5.4.x.
    I want to know what all spam control features are present in VB5 before I move my main forum to VB5. I see many people have tried and used the Human verification method but many have reverted to 4.2.1, Since there are not many products in vb5, what is the best method to control spam in native vb5?

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    Another question.

    I get an error :

    Your file of XXXXX bytes exceeds the limit of 20000.
    The Dimension limits for this filetype are 280 x 620. We were unable to resize your file so you will need to do so manually and upload it again. Your file is currently 400 x 300.

    And I could not find settings to change any of the above , can you please direct me how to change this ?


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      Human verficiation via Q&A is the best built in defense we have, and it can stop spammers in their tracks.

      As for the image question, AdminCP > attachments > attachment manager.


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        I have upgraded my forum to vb5, but the search is not working. It is returning 0 results on every search.
        Do i need to rebuilt my search index.

        There is a solution in tutorial (common issues while upgrading ) to run the script via command line.
        PHP Code:
        php searchindex.php 
        But in my "Do not upload" folder, there is no such file as searchindex.php
        Please help.


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          Another Query :

          There are no tags showing up in the forums, although in the admincp I can see lot of tags.

          P.s: Editing a text already written is so difficult, you click in the middle of the text but when you type it adds at the end of the string.


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            need a little help here..


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              You are adding many different questions here. How about the spam issue you wrote about in the initial post? Did using the Q/A system help you with that? Actually I find this a very good thing. Based on how good the questions are, there are only very little chances for spam to pass.


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                Well, so far it is working and yes I understand improving the difficult of the question would help stop it. So I have not included any question which has an answer in number or the number is in the question itself to avoid brute force.

                But right now I am really worried about search not working. Any ideas?

                ok..let me create another thread for this..


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                  Update, I was able to fix search and rebuild the search index forum the admincp itself. And I am really happy with VB5. Excellent user experience.


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