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HELP! Homepage disappeared!!

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  • HELP! Homepage disappeared!!

    Our forum is
    I was using the page editor to set up the "lastest topics" tab and our homepage now comes up completely blank. I have no clue how to get it back up? Please help!

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    So all you did was add a search module and save the page and it 'disappeared'? Is there anything in your error_logs (if you don't know where they are, ask your host)?

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      Yeah I used a vbulletin help page to do our latest posts widget.
      The host has looked and there's no errors. We're a bit stumped.


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        First in the Admin CP go to Products & Hooks. Turn off all Products and Hooks in their respective manager. Reset the cache by going to Maintenance -> Clear System Cache. Does the page show now?

        If not go to Settings -> Options -> Server Settings and Optimization Options and set "Enable Early Flush" to No. Save the page. Reset the Cache again. Does this fix the issue? If it does, have you made any changes to the header or preheader templates?

        If not, please go to Settings -> Options -> General Settings. Set "Disable PHP and Static HTML Rendering" to Yes. Save the page. Reset the Cache again. Does this fix the issue? If it does, you'll need to edit the page and make sure all the static HTML and PHP modules contain code with the proper syntax and proper closures.

        If not, please download and upgrade to vBulletin 5.0.4. See if that restores the view of the page.

        If it is still not fixed, please let us know.
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          Hi Wayne thanks for your advice
          None of those fixed the problem, however changing the "Disable PHP and Static HTML Rendering" to Yes changed the homepage to a blank white screen as opposed to the blank background of our homepage. Im not sure if that means anything.


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            This morning (when i was sleeping and i'm the only one with server access), my forum went totaly blank also.

            Since then, i have a blank page instead of my forum.

            What's going on ?

            (tried disable PhP and static rendering, nohting change)


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              I successfully restored my forum with the tools.php file and reset style.

              Which is really weird because i didn't do anything when it goes wrong.

              I'm interested to understand what did it, to avoid happen again.

              Beside, i have now an encoding problem. When i do a reply, i have bad characters in it.


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