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New Navbar Tab defaults to 'Forum' instead of 'Home'

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  • New Navbar Tab defaults to 'Forum' instead of 'Home'

    Morning/Evening all -

    We just put a new home page up at - with the customary 'Forum' page now given URL

    On the Navbar, the Home page should be referred to as 'Home' and the Forum Page 'Forum'.

    However, the brand new Home Page's tab in the Navbar, which I added after configuring the home page, continuously reset itself to 'Forum'.

    I now have two 'Forum' tabs, with the first one being the culprit - the one that should be named 'Home'.

    In short: How to rename the first tab 'Home'? - The Business of Your Future - Strategy Redefined.

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    I also had (and still have) a problem with renaming the very first entry in the main navigation bar, because it constantly renames to "Forums" automatically:

    I think you are experiencing the same issue, although you want your entry being called "Home". It seems as if only the first entry is affected by this...


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      I have the same problem.


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        This should be fixed in 5.0.5.
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